Can You Turn Your Dreams into Your Lifestyle?

Of course you can! And that’s what this blog is all about. It’s meant to be inspiring. There are stories about discovering new lands, starting a new business, living sustainably etc.

Welcome to Tucan Dream…a place where dreams turn into lifestyles. Join us as we pursue our own dreams including building a retirement home in Costa Rica, and practicing more sustainable green living. Read about financially savvy practices that’ll help you lead the life you dream about.

  • How to Stop Being Broke: Change Your Money Mindset
    How to Stop Being Broke? Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and having nothing to show for it? You have a good-paying job but still, it’s a financial squeeze to get through the month and make ends meet. You want to stop being broke but don’t know where to start. More than likely. it’s your money mindset that’s keeping you broke. Before you can change your money mindset you need to know what exactly it is.
  • Costa Rica Itinerary -Day 10 Manuel Antonio to Carmona District
    After having relaxed and enjoyed Manuel Antonio for almost two days, on the 10th morning of our Costa Rica exploratory trip we were ready to continue our journey. Today we would be heading to Carmona on the Nicoya Peninsula. Chances are you’ve never heard of Carmona. It’s situated on the east side of the Nicoya Peninsula above the Gulf of Nicoya. Carmona District as it’s officially known is listed as having a population of about 2700, which I’m sure has grown significantly in the last few years.
  • How to Make My Kitchen More Eco-Friendly
    Steps to making an Eco-Friendly Kitchen For many of us, our kitchen is the room in which we create most of our waste. How do we make our kitchen more eco-friendly?
  • How to Organize Your Tax Documents for Your Accountant
    Gone are the days of plunking a shoebox full of receipts on your accountant’s desk and saying “call me if you have any questions”. Do this and you will most surely be shown to the door. Continue reading to find out how to organize your tax documents for your accountant.
  • Costa Rica Itinerary Day 9: Is Manuel Antonio Worth Visiting?
    Is Manuel Antonio Worth Visiting? Absolutely! If you’ve read our prior day post, you’ll know it was originally our plan to just stop in Manuel Antonio for a night on our way to the Nicoya Peninsula. We were so taken with the town that we opted to stay an extra night.