Can You Turn Your Dreams into Your Lifestyle?

Of course you can! And that’s what this blog is all about. It’s meant to be inspiring. There are stories about discovering new lands, starting a new business, living sustainably etc.

Welcome to Tucan Dream…a place where dreams turn into lifestyles. Join us as we pursue our own dreams including building a retirement home in Costa Rica, and practicing more sustainable green living. Read about financially savvy practices that’ll help you lead the life you dream about.

  • Healthcare Options For Early Retirees
    What’s holding you back from retiring? For many people who have lived a life of FIRE and saved for an early retirement, it’s the uncertainty about healthcare options for early retirees. These 40, 50, or even 60-year-old want-to-be retirees know it’ll be a while before they’ll be eligible for Medicare.
  • Costa Rica Itinerary Day 12: Montezuma Beach Ride
    There are memories that stay with you for a lifetime and Montezuma beach ride and day in Montezuma was one of them.
  • Say No to Plastic, Create a Plastic-Free Bathroom
    In honor of Plastic Free July, I and fellow bloggers joined together to bring you this post on how to pursue a plastic-free bathroom. Take a minute, go to your bathroom, and look around. How much plastic do you see? Even worse how much single-use plastic do you see? More than likely your eyes will fall on plastic toothbrushes, plastic shampoo bottles, make-up in plastic tubes, plastic razors, etc. We surround ourselves each morning with plastic everywhere. Let’s see how we can do better. It’s really not hard and together, we can make the world a better place (and our bathroom too!)
  • Retiring in France? A Romantic Pipedream or Possibility?
    Has France Crossed Your Expat Radar? The mention of France for many conjures up visions of sitting on the terrace of a café enjoying an espresso after consuming a French delicacy such as Coq au Vin. And then meandering along village streets with a quick stop at the bakery for a baguette and the fromagerie for a hunk of brie. But is this a dream life? What is it really like to retire in France? Today’s post is an interview with Beth Haslam, a Wales Native who moved to the French countryside in 2007, and the author of a series of hilarious memoirs “Fat Dogs and French Estates” that chronicle their hilarious adventures of retiring in France.
  • 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Money Work For You
    Lazy Money Even those of us who don’t have a lot of money likely have “lazy money”; money that is sitting in an account not earning any interest or dividends. Have you considered just how much income you might be missing out on by having lazy money that isn’t working for you? Let’s make your money work for you.