• Is Recycling Sustainable?
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    Recycling Is It Sustainable?

    Recycling is it Sustainable? Most of us want to do our part towards being sustainable. We’re happy to chuck empty plastic bottles in the recycle bin and sort out other recyclables such as paper and glass. But is this effective? Is recycling a sustainable waste solution or do we have wool pulled over our eyes? In this post, I discuss what recycling does and doesn’t accomplish, how to be an eco-friendly consumer, and how to be a better recycler.

  • Rolls and Rolls of Toilet Paper
    Intentional Living,  Sustainable Life

    Say No to Plastic, Create a Plastic-Free Bathroom

    In honor of Plastic Free July, I and fellow bloggers joined together to bring you this post on how to pursue a plastic-free bathroom. Take a minute, go to your bathroom, and look around. How much plastic do you see? Even worse how much single-use plastic do you see? More than likely your eyes will fall on plastic toothbrushes, plastic shampoo bottles, make-up in plastic tubes, plastic razors, etc. We surround ourselves each morning with plastic everywhere. Let's see how we can do better. It's really not hard and together, we can make the world a better place (and our bathroom too!)