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    9 Tax Questions Small Business Owners Are Asking

    One of the goals, when I started this blog, was to provide useful answers to readers' tax questions. I can’t tell you how often I cringe when I see someone post a tax question on a Facebook site and receive several answers, with most of them being wrong. There certainly are a lot of armchair professionals out there! In hopes of counteracting this promulgation of misinformation, I asked some fellow bloggers and small business owners to submit to me their tax questions and promised answers to them. Here are the tax questions small business owners are asking.

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    Essential Small Business Tax Tips

    Congratulations bloggers and side hustlers, you have your first year of blogging or business operations under your belt. And now the worst part is facing you squarely: Income taxes, what do you have to do? No worries, while not blogging, I'm a licensed CPA so taxes are MY forte, and this post is for you! I'm going to answer the questions I hear most frequently in my practice and provide small business tax tips that should make this task just a little easier and I also will dispel some fallacies that I've seen circulating around the internet.