• Earth Month
    Costa Rica

    April is Earth Month-Let’s shop and live Green!

    April is Earth Month-Go Green Each month I take note of interesting sites and articles I have found and share them with my readers. Since April is "Earth Month" this month's compilation will definitely have a green theme! Look what I've found for you this month, we have a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica (hurry), some must have green travel accessories as well as a way to save money and declutter.

  • Boxes of Books
    Sustainable Life

    What to Do With Old Books

    What to do with old books. In my basement, I have boxes of books. Boxes gathering dust. Boxes of books that haven't been read in years, boxes of books that need to find a new home. Oh, how I cherish those books. Opening each box is like opening a window into my past life.