Costa Rica Adventure

Costa Rica Adventure

Much of this blog is devoted to my Costa Rica adventure. It is the “raison d’etre” for this blog (or to since Costa Rica is a Spanish country, perhaps I should say “Razon de ser”), it is only fair that it gets its own introduction.

When I was investigating purchasing property in Costa Rica, I had so many questions. I scoured the internet for blogs and information on the cost of living in Costa Rica and what life was like, and I really didn’t find much useful information. Of course, there are a couple of great blogs like Nadine Pisani’s “Happier than a Billionaire“, and Matt & Jenn’s “Two Weeks in Costa Rica“, which are virtual treasure troves of information, yet after reading them, I still had many of the normal expat questions:

  • How does one find property for sale without an MLS system?’
  • How do you know how much to pay for a property?
  • Does it really take years to get a construction permit?
  • How do you pay bills without mail?
  • How do you order things without mail delivery?
  • What is the medical system like?
  • Is owning a car a necessity?
  • I don’t speak Spanish, will I be able to get by?
  • Just how rainy is the rainy season?

And the list goes on. I had so many questions. So what did I do? I stuck a toe in the water, and when I didn’t get bit, I went swimming. I flew to Costa Rica, took a 17-day trip, and bought a property. OK maybe it didn’t just happen quite so fast, I’ll let my blog tell the rest of the story.

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