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    9 Tax Questions Small Business Owners Are Asking

    One of the goals, when I started this blog, was to provide useful answers to readers' tax questions. I can’t tell you how often I cringe when I see someone post a tax question on a Facebook site and receive several answers, with most of them being wrong. There certainly are a lot of armchair professionals out there! In hopes of counteracting this promulgation of misinformation, I asked some fellow bloggers and small business owners to submit to me their tax questions and promised answers to them. Here are the tax questions small business owners are asking.

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    Ways to Make Your Money Work For You

    Lazy Money Even those of us who don’t have a lot of money likely have “lazy money”; money that is sitting in an account not earning any interest. Have you considered just how much income you might be missing out on by having lazy money? Cost of Lazy Money While interest rates were low the cost of lazy money wasn’t so staggering but now that rates have risen it can be mind boggling. Let’s look at an example: Jill is in the process of funding an emergency fund as well as investing a portion of her take home salary. She has decided she’s comfortable with an emergency fund of $12,000…

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    How to Stop Being Broke: Change Your Money Mindset

    How to Stop Being Broke? Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, and having nothing to show for it? You have a good-paying job but still, it's a financial squeeze to get through the month and make ends meet. You want to stop being broke but don't know where to start. More than likely. it's your money mindset that's keeping you broke. Before you can change your money mindset you need to know what exactly it is.