• Retire In France?
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    Retiring in France? A Romantic Pipedream or Possibility?

    Has France Crossed Your Expat Radar? The mention of France for many conjures up visions of sitting on the terrace of a café enjoying an espresso after consuming a French delicacy such as Coq au Vin. And then meandering along village streets with a quick stop at the bakery for a baguette and the fromagerie for a hunk of brie. But is this a dream life? What is it really like to retire in France? Today's post is an interview with Beth Haslam, a Wales Native who moved to the French countryside in 2007, and the author of a series of hilarious memoirs "Fat Dogs and French Estates" that chronicle…

  • Plan A Never Happens
    Costa Rica,  Expat and Inspiring Tales

    Moving to Costa Rica During Covid-19

    An interview with Gary Westphalen author of "Plan A Never Happens-Going expat to Costa Rica during the Covid-19 Pandemic" Moving to Costa Rica is not without its perils. Moving to Costa Rica during the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, that's just plain ludicrous. But freelance documentary journalist, Gary Westphalen did just that. He even survived the experience in a sane enough frame of mind to author a book "Plan A Never Happens-Going Expat to Costa Rica during the Covid-19 Pandemic".