• Mary World Traveler at Yungang Grottoes in China
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    A Conversation with a Solo World Traveler

    Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you an interview with Mary Derouard, a solo world traveler who at the age of 55 when many of us would be settling for a trip to someplace warm and spending time with family, started traveling the world solo. She's now been to 70 countries and visited 7 continents, and is still exploring new destinations around the world.

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    Plastic Free July

    Why Plastic Free July? Summer is all about getting outside and enjoying ourselves in the company of friends. But have you noticed just how much single-use plastic there is at most of these get-togethers? Plastic forks, plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic straws, plastic tablecloths, and of course plastic water bottles and even the bags we throw all of this waste into are more single-use plastic. So what better month for a plastic-free movement.