• Sustainable Holiday Season
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    Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

    How to Have a More Sustainable Holiday Season: It's Fall again and what does Fall herald? The beginning of the holiday season. First, we have Halloween and then Thanksgiving followed shortly by Christmas (or Hanukkah and other celebrations). The holidays are wonderful but with them, comes a lot of excess and waste. This post is a collaborative effort between myself and Carly of My Green Toddler, that will help you have a more sustainable holiday season.

  • Plasic Free July Logo
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    Plastic Free July

    Why Plastic Free July? Summer is all about getting outside and enjoying ourselves in the company of friends. But have you noticed just how much single-use plastic there is at most of these get-togethers? Plastic forks, plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic straws, plastic tablecloths, and of course plastic water bottles and even the bags we throw all of this waste into are more single-use plastic. So what better month for a plastic-free movement.

  • Save Money Buying Organic Produce
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    5 Tips on How to Save Money Buying Organic Produce

    The Organic Dillema: Most of us would like to green up our lives to some extent, after all, we all know there is no planet B. But a trip to the produce aisle at the grocery store might have you second-guessing those ideas. You want to buy those organic grapes but wow $3.99 a pound versus $2.99 a pound for the non-organic grapes. You look over your shoulder, no one is watching, and guiltily slip those non-organic grapes into your cart and make your getaway. It doesn’t have to be this way. With a change in a few habits at home, you can buy those organic grapes and whatever other…