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Best of January 2021, a compilation of interesting posts.

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Win a Trip for two to Costa Rica but act fast!

Dreaming of a tropical eco adventure? Here’s your chance to do it on the even the most frugal budget…free! That’s right “Costsaver” is sponsoring a trip for two including flights, transportation, activities and accommodations!
Deadline to enter is 04/15/2021. Enter here

American Happiness Project

“I interviewed 500 happy people in 50 states about money and work: Here’s what I learned.” This an article on by Michelle Wax of the American Happiness Project a successful young female entrepreneur with some useful insights to happiness!

22 Grants, Loans and Programs to Benefit Your Small Business

“When you know where to look, help for your small business is there for the taking. ” 22 Grants, Loans and Programs to Benefit Your Small Business published by the US Chamber of Commerce is a must read for every US small business owner.

A Nifty Product made from Recycled Ocean Plastic

I saw this on my instagram feed this past week, Sanikind refillable hand sanitizer bottles. It seems like a great concept and the bottles are made from aluminum and ocean bound plastic. Have you tried one? What did you think of it?

Have you read any articles/posts that are worthy of sharing? Share your links with me.

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