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  • Does Sustainable Investing Pay?
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    Does Sustainable Investing Pay?

    I received this check in the mail a few days ago, it's my dividend check from my shares in Terracycle. $80.80 may not seem like much but when you consider that is the return on a $1000 investment you'll realize that this is an 8.08% dividend! This positively makes me giddy. Does sustainable investing pay? It certainly does!

  • Grow Your Own Produce in a Budget Garden
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    Growing a Budget Garden

    Can you Save Money Growing a Budget Garden? As we wave winter goodbye and welcome Spring many of us turn our thoughts to gardening. I don't know about you but at this time of year, I crave fresh berries and yearn for greens freshly picked from the garden. But have you ever stopped to calculate just how much that cup of strawberries cost you to grow or how much per pound you paid for those plump red tomatoes you so proudly grew? Are you really saving money by growing your own food?

  • What is a Roth IRA and Why Your Kid Should Have One
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    A Simple Guide to Roth IRAs For Kids and Teens

    The last thing on the mind of most kids and teenagers is saving for retirement, but opening a Roth IRA while you're still a student is a great financial strategy. Roth IRAs can be used to save for various other life events other than retirement. They can be used for higher education costs, saving for a down-payment and the purchase of a first home, and can also be used to pay certain medical bills and health insurance premiums when certain conditions apply. In this simple guide to Roth IRAs for kids and teens we'll discuss what is a Roth IRA and if it is right for you or your teenager,…

  • Save Money Buying Organic Produce
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    5 Tips on How to Save Money Buying Organic Produce

    The Organic Dillema: Most of us would like to green up our lives to some extent, after all, we all know there is no planet B. But a trip to the produce aisle at the grocery store might have you second-guessing those ideas. You want to buy those organic grapes but wow $3.99 a pound versus $2.99 a pound for the non-organic grapes. You look over your shoulder, no one is watching, and guiltily slip those non-organic grapes into your cart and make your getaway. It doesn’t have to be this way. With a change in a few habits at home, you can buy those organic grapes and whatever other…