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11 Green gift ideas for the minimalist, $35.00 or less

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Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by Carolyn

11 Green Gift Ideas for the Minimalist

Just What I Needed Another Mug – Not

Part of me wishes we could just skip Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love the smells of Christmas; the scent of fresh pine from the tree, the aroma of hot chocolate, and the lingering scent of smoke from yesterday’s fire.

I love holiday traditions like watching the grinch who stole Christmas ( the original version of course), baking scrumptious treats, and gathering with family.

But boy do I despise the wastefulness of Christmas, so much excess especially over-spending and over-eating. Think of all the money spent frivolously at Christmas time; Do you really think your child’s third-grade teacher really needs another ” best teacher” mug? Let’s talk Christmas ornaments how many of us have bought someone a Christmas trinket because we didn’t know what to get them? Where do all of these Christmas ornaments go? It might be put out the first year so that the giftor can see it. But after that? At best they’ll be regifted to some poor unsuspecting soul next year but more than likely they’ll end up in that box of Christmas stuff that you keep, but just never gets put out. Are you really giving the recipient a gift?

In hopes of staving off a few of those gifts of clutter, I’ve put together a list of 11 green gift ideas for the minimalist that almost anyone can really use. They are eco-friendly, and affordable, and might spurn the recipient into green gifting in the future.

1. Movie Box

Movie Box: Since for many of us struggling to make ends meet, going to the theatre is out of the question. How about giving your friends a “Movie Box”. In it, you can include a digital gift card to enable them to download the movie of their choice ($15.00 should cover most movies), a homemade treat or if cooking isn’t your thing, buy them some non-GMO trail mix, organic nuts, or popcorn. Of course, you’ll need to include some drinks in the box. This can be an alcoholic beverage for those of age, or perhaps organic hot cocoa or treat them to some organic juice. Total costs for the box: This will vary but can easily be done for $25.00.

2. Gift of Green

No not money ( though for many that is truly a thoughtful useful gift), I’m referring to plants.

A Plant: What could be greener than a plant? Not sure your friend has a green thumb? Choose a Christmas cactus, some lovely succulents, or perhaps this spring bulb collection. Alternatively, I think all plant lovers would appreciate a nice new pot for their existing plants? Cost will vary but can easily be done for $30.00 for a pot and succulents.

3. Digital Book or Music

How about a digital book or music? Minimalists are for the most part cheap and probably rarely treat themselves to a book or music they want. I recommend purchasing a digital gift card rather than trying to select something yourself. There might be a book or some music the recipient really wants to read or listen to but hasn’t purchased yet.

4. Gift Certificate

A gift certificate is a great way to support local businesses after all they have suffered during covid-19 closures and to also save some money. There are some great deals available on many of’s gift certificates: For example; For just 3$ I can purchase a 25$ gift certificate for a popular restaurant near me.

I appreciate these gift certificates because they encourage me to try different restaurant experiences,and as a bonus they never expire.

Have a certificate for a restaurant that you don’t fancy? No problem you can exchange it for another one.

5. Kombucha Kit

For those who are trying to live healthier and like kombucha how about a kombucha kit along with flip top bottles? Brewing your own is so much cheaper than buying store-bought. You can gift one of your own scoby’s if you have one! Cost 15.99-$34.99. Print out a copy of this Blueberry-Ginger recipe to go with it.

6. Sampling of Treats from Various Countries

For travelers how about some favorite foods from either their favorite country or countries? Examples:

Canada: Maple Syrup

Australia: Tim Tams

Belgium: Belgian chocolate

Costa Rica: Cocoa nibs or costa rican coffee

Mexico: Dried chili’s or salsa

France: A good french cheese

You get the idea, the sky is the limit with this one, and you know they’ll love it.

7. Solar Light Bulb or Solar Garden Stakes

Solar light bulb or solar garden stakes: This may sound kind of odd, but boy are both useful. I bought a solar bulb a few years back for a shed that had no electricity, now we’re using it in Costa Rica for a non-electric source of light. They are sturdy ( I can personally vouch for this, I dropped ours in our outside shower the other day and it didn’t crack! They’d be great outside on the deck or for camping or just as a backup light for power outages. The solar bulb at just $10.99 is a bargain.

8. Highlighter Pencils

I saw this idea the other day and thought how come I had never heard of this? Highlighter pencils, yes you read that correctly, highlighter pencils. No more dried up highlighters in my future. A great gift for the student in your life.

9. Organic Coffee Beans

9. Coffee: For the coffee lovers on your list, one can never have too much coffee. I love coffee but it is one of those things I don’t totally indulge myself with, I buy middle-of-the-road coffee. A gift of premium coffee beans sustainably grown would be awesome.

10. Mushroom Kit

10. Mushroom kit: These are educational and a lot of fun, and yield a surprisingly decent crop of mushrooms. Just $12.79!

11. Silicon Bowl Covers, Silicon Plastic Bags and Collapsible Bowls

Silicon covers for kitchen bowls and silicon plastic bags: These work, are durable and are a great way to start greening up your kitchen and stop the wasteful consumption of plastic wrap, and at $10.99 for this set of covers, and $15.99 for a set of bags, they’ll save money on buying consumable bag and wrap in no time.

These collapsible silicon bowls are great for carrying in your tote to use instead of a sytrofoam box for restaurant leftovers.

Bonus Tip: Socks with a Lifetime Guarantee

I hate how quickly cheap socks wear out, but do I bring myself to pay $15.00 and up for a pair of socks. I would be super thrilled to receive a pair of Bombas or Darn Tough Socks. I do own a couple of pairs of Bombas and after over a year using them for hiking no holes yet!

More Sustainable Gift Ideas

For more ideas for a more sustainable Christmas visit Christmas on a Budget , and for some more eco-friendly purchases 20 Eco Friendly Things On Amazon.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission to help fund my next adventure!

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